About Us

Power Electronics is a silent work horse working behind across electrical products. Around 70 % of electricity used is used through power electronics in the world. India is the fastest developing country in the world with rapid expansions in the energy sector. With Technology getting advanced in a fast pace, we adopt these technologies in our products to make them more Reliable Cost effective and Energy Efficient to meet the Global demand.

Inteli Energi Technology Private Limited is built by a highly experienced team, having expertise & success stories in the area of the Research and Development, New Product Development, Value Engineering, Process Engineering & Automation, Operation Management, Strategic Tie-up and Global scouring etc. Team has successfully introduced Power Conversion & Energy Storage Products in the market across globe and creating the IPs especially for Technology & Design.

Who are We

Inteli Energi is founded by a highly experienced team , having expertise & success stories in the area of the

  • Research and Development
  • New product design and development
  • Value engineering, process engineering & automation,
  • Operation management,
  • New Product and Technologies launches Across the globe
  • Creating the IPs specially for technology & design.
  • Strategic Tie-up and Global Sourcing etc.

What We offer

Technology Consulting, New Technology Development, New Product Design & Development, Testing & Validation, Manufacturing, Product Introduction and After Sales Support Services for the Following:

  • Power Conversion, Conditioning and Energy Storage Systems
  • Inverters, Offline UPS, Online UPS based on Low and High Frequency Conversion Techniques
  • DC Systems, PWM/MPPT Solar Charge Controllers based on Advanced Charge Control Algorithms
  • Solar Inverters, Solar Power Conditioning units, Solar Grid Tie Inverters, Solar Hybrid Inverters with Energy Storage and Export to Grid,
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers for 2W/3W/4W by making Use of various source of Energy (Grid/DG/Solar),
  • Induction, DC, BLDC Motor Control and Drives with Latest Control Schemes,
  • Power Electronics Modules, Power Supplies for Consumer, Medical & Telecom Products,
  • Stabilisers, Static AVRs, Frequency Converters, Static Transfer Power Switches,
  • Battery Management Systems with Latest Active & Passive Equalization and Protection Techniques - Best Suitable for All types of the Battery Banks (Lead-acid VRLA/GEL/Tubular, Li-Ion/LiFePO4 etc.),
  • Low and High Frequency Magnetic Components Design,
  • Local or remote Monitoring & Control, Data logging and Analytics,
  • IOTs interface and Mobile App Development etc.

Our Value offers

We offer ready products for trials and launch in market for quick win.

We also address and support for the complete product lifecycle of products starting from

  • Creating ideas
  • Prototype concept to testing, validation, certifications and final product introduction
  • And after sales support services

We offer power electronics, control system, embedded systems, firmware (Making use of latest 8 bit to 32bit Microcontrollers/Digital Signal Controller and Processors) & software development and complete system design including PCB design, magnetic, mechanical design and IP services.

We work with partners and leading manufacturers of various components locally and globally who supports us during complete product life cycle starting from development of components, execution for pilot and mass production, certifications, introduction of the products in market and after sales services.

We offer innovative, cost effective and sustainable solutions that enable customers to differentiate and position their products in market to win.

Core Values



• Thriving for better future products.
• Experiment & Create



• We aim on creating efficient products to satisfy the demands of customers.


Team Work

• Achieving more together
• Empowering each other at every step.



• We refuse to settle for the obvious solution.



• Is the fuel driving our company Unique ideas turned into innovations



• We allow no shortcuts at cost of excellence



• Of turning our words into actions.
• We are accountable for our products



• We indulge in actions that inspire trust and confidence.