Pure Sine Wave UPS Series


  • Pure Sine Wave output Ensuring Noiseless Operation.
  • Built-In Heavy Duty & Efficient Grid Charger For Faster Charging.
  • Improved Input Power Factor During Grid Charging Mode Hence Reduced Electricity Bills.
  • Best Suited For Cyclic Applications / Longer And Frequent Power Cut Areas.
  • Built-In Intelligent Multi Stages Battery Management System For Longer Life Of Battery.
  • Gravity Profile Management – Best Suitable For New / Old Aged Battery.
  • Dual mode of working:
    1. Wide Mains Input Voltage Range (W-UPS) For Normal Household/Office Equipments.
    2. Narrow Mains Input Voltage Range (UPS) For IT Equipments.
  • High Surge Handling Capability For Mixed Load.
  • Protection Against Overload, Short Circuit, Back feed, Battery Deep Discharge.
  • Built-In Temperature Controlled Cooling Fan For Better Thermal Management To Ensure Optimal Performance And Life.
  • DIY User Friendly Switches For Setting Various Parameters (Mains Voltage Range, Battery Types/ Charging Current).
  • User Friendly Graphical LED Display.


Sine Wave UPS ISW/DSW850 ISW/DSW950 ISW/DSW1050 ISW/DSW1150 ISW/DSW1250 ISW/DSW1450 ISW/DSW1700 ISW/DSW2100
700VA/12V 760VA/12V 860VA/12V 950VA/12V 1050VA/12V 1200VA/12V 1500VA/24V 1900VA/24V
540W 615W 680W 760W 840W 960W 1260W 1500W
Main Wide UPS mode Voltage range 90 ~ 290 ± 10 VAC
Main UPS mode Voltage range 180 ~ 265 ± 10 VAC
Voltage (Mains mode) Same as Input
Frequency (Mains mode) Same as Input (41-65 Hz) 
Wave Form (Mains mode) Same as Input
Rated Voltage (Backup mode)* 230 VAC ±10%
Rated Frequency (Backup mode) 50Hz ± 0.1 Hz
Wave Form (Backup mode) Pure Sine Wave
Capacity 100Ah-250Ah 
Type Tubular,Flat Plate, SMF/VRLA or any Local Battery Compatible
DC Voltage 12V 24V
Battery Low Warning/ Shutdown Warning: 10.7V, Shutdown: 10.5V (± 2% VDC) per 12V Battery
Battery Charging Current:
Normal Charging (A) 10 ± 2 Amp 15 ± 2 Amp
Fast Charging (A) 15 ± 2 Amp 20 ± 2 Amp
Battery Type selection Tubular/SMF or FLA ( Flat Plate Lead Acid)
UPS/ WUPS Mode selection 180 ~ 265 ± 10 VAC or 90 ~ 295 ± 10 VAC
Mains Bypass Mode Mains LED glows Continuously. Mains LED blinks continously with buzzer beeps for few seconds in case the Mains Input Circuit Breaker Trips due to overload/short circuit during Mains bypass mode
Charging ON (CHG.) Charging LED blinks in Boost/Absorption modes, Glows continuously in float mode when battery is charged
Backup mode Backup Mode LED glows continuously when UPS is running on battery.
Low Battery Warning Low Battery LED blinks with Buzzer beeps
Low Battery Shutdown Low Battery LED blinks continuously with Buzzer beeps
Overload (O/L) Overload LED blinks with buzzer beeps, in case of Overload/Shortcircuit/ Over Temperature warnings. Over Load LED glows continuously in case of Overload/ShortCircuit/Over temperature Shutdown
Parameters Low battery, Reverse battery, Battery high voltage, Overload, Output short circuit, Over temperature, Resettable Circuit Breakers/MCB at Input mains
Operating Temperature 0-45⁰C (32-113⁰F)
Storage Temperature 0-45⁰C (32-113⁰F)
Humidity 0-95% RH non condensing
Net weight (Kg) 6.9 7.4 8.0 8.5 9.0 11.0 13.5 14.3
Gross weight (Kg) 7.6 8.1 8.6 9.2 9.7 11.7 14.8 15.6
Dimensions (LxWXH) mm 278x264x118 295x284x135 295x284x309

*Under standard operating conditions

Specifications are subjected to change w/o prior notice.