Innovation & technology

Inteli Energi is striving to develop new technologies and innovative cost effective products by considering usability, quality, performance and safety aspects in mind and to set new benchmarks in the area of power conversion, conditioning & storage and motion control etc.

Power Converters, Quality and Conditioning

Power Converters are required to converter the available power in one form to another by using power semiconductor switches and suitable controllers. The available power may in the form of DC or AC for example DC power source like battery or solar panel and AC power source as grid supply. Based on the application requirement, we need converters to convert one form of energy to another by using power electronics converters namely DC to DC, DC to AC, AC to DC and AC to AC.

DC-DC Power converter is also needed for example to convert solar or other DC power from one voltage to battery voltage or other voltage level for various applications. Buck, Boost, Fly-back, and Forward converters are used with or without isolation as required by application. MPPT Battery chargers are one example of such converters.

AC to DC power converters are required for example in EV chargers, and inverters with built in chargers for energy storage purpose. Further there may be need to active power factor correction while converting AC to DC in many of the applications.

DC to AC power converters are used in power backup systems, solar grid feed systems etc where the battery or solar power is converted to AC power of say 230v/110v, 50/60Hz.

AC to AC power converters converts an AC waveform to another AC waveform where the output voltage and frequency can be set arbitrarily for example AC to AC converters used in variable frequency drives

The raw power need to be controlled by using suitable control systems in order to achieve the quality of power required to be used in load or for storage purpose to charge the batteries. The conditioning of power is also necessary to maintain for a given application for example required level of ripple in voltage, current & frequency as required in the specifications.

Modern converters work on the resonant principle to achieve ZVS and ZCS to minimize loss in switching and hence achieve greater efficiency.

Inteli Energi offers a wide range of the power electronic converters solutions (DC to DC for auxiliary power supplies, PWM/MPPT solar chargers, DC-AC for inverter/UPS/solar off grid/grid-tie inverters, AC to DC for EV chargers/inverters/UPS with active power factor correction and AC to AC for AC power conditioning/variable frequency drives etc)based on various application and specifications requirements.

Electric Motors & Drives

Electric motors are being used almost everywhere in many of the applications like consumer, industrial, automotive applications etc. They can be found in your washing machines, air-conditioners, refrigerator, compressors, food processor, microwave oven, dryers, vacuum cleaners, fans, water pumps, solar water pumps, wind turbines, 2W/3W, cars and so many other products or applications where they need to run as efficiently as possible to reduce the power consumptions/electricity bills and significant contribution to reduce CO2 emission which is one of the major challenge globally. Each application or product has a specific requirement of type of electric motor and its control drives or techniques primarily based on the usability, performance, cost, efficiency, precision, reliability and safety etc.

Given the tight target of reducing the CO2 emission, more and more requirement of electrical machines with higher efficiency is need of the hour. The mechanical power is required to be generated from electrical power with maximum efficiency, lower cost and lower noise emissions. This has given raise to modern electrical motors and advanced drives to run these motors.

BLDC, PMSM and induction motors are widely used with modern Vector control to have good efficiency and torque to speed characteristics. Field oriented control (FOC) is a control method (A typical block diagram is show in figure) in which the stator currents of a three-phase AC or brushless DC electric motor are identified as two orthogonal components that can be visualized with a vector. One component defines the magnetic flux of the motor, the other the torque.

The stator currents can be transformed through clarke and park transformations to get the magnetic flux and torque components. Suitable control system can be applied to get the required performance from motor. Each of them be separately controlled as DC quantities and reverse transformed to stator quantities.

Inteli Energi offers a wide range of the motor control drive solutions for various type of motor (1 & 3 Phase AC Induction, PMSM, BLDC, PMDC etc) applications like Solar water pumps, Compressors, BLDC fans, 2W/3W automotive motor drive and other application specific solutions etc.

Battery Management Systems:

With a growing demand of energy and its storage, in any of the energy storage systems (ESS) it becomes necessary to have built-in battery management system (BMS) to monitor, control and optimize performance of an individual or multiple cells/battery modules which are connected in series or in various series & parallel configurations. Depending on the application, the BMS can have several different configurations but necessary operating performance and safety aspects of the BMS remains the same - i.e, to protect the battery/battery modules & association modules of the ESS and to share the real time information etc. The BMS may have wired/wireless communication interface for communicating with internal modules of ESS or external devices as per requirements of real time monitoring and control from a local or remote site/server and from safety point of view BMS must isolate the source of external source of energy and/or battery/battery modules in case of any abnormal conditions – i.e over temperature, short circuit or higher charge/discharge current or over/under voltage conditions etc.

Figures: (a) Typical switched resistors passive cell balancing method

(b) Typical switched capacitors active cell balancing method.

(c) Typical fly-back DC-DC converter based active cell balancing method.

Inteli Energi offers the complete BMS solutions which are suitable for all types (Li-ion/LiFePO4 or Flooded Lead Acid Flat plate/Tubular/SMF-VRLA/GEL) of the battery/battery modules for the monitoring, control and optimizing the performance of battery/battery modules by cell/battery level monitoring & charge balancing through active or passive equalization techniques based on the requirements or applications.

Maximum Power Point Tracking:

Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is a technique used with energy sources with variable power to maximize energy extraction under all operating conditions. The technique is most commonly used with photovoltaic (PV) solar systems, but can also be used with other systems like wind turbines, optical power transmission and thermo photo voltaic etc.

MPPT is an algorithm implemented in PV systems (Power converter or inverters or charge controllers) to continuously adjust the impedance seen by the solar PV module or array to keep the PV system operating at, or close to, the peak power point of the PV panel under various dynamic operating conditions, like changing solar irradiance, temperature, and load. Several MPPT techniques or algorithms have been tried and implemented by researchers to maximize the power generated by PV systems in various configurations or applications. These techniques vary in many aspects as: simplicity, analogue or digital control based implementation, response time, convergence speed, sensors required, cost, range of effectiveness, and in other aspects related to end product or application.

The MPPT algorithms control the voltage to ensure that the system operates at “maximum power point” (or peak voltage) on the power voltage curve, as shown in figure.

The MPPT of the PV system can improve solar array output typical by 20~30%, and it is very important to operate at this point at all times to increase the efficiency and overall output of the PV system. Microcontrollers/Digital Signal Processor/Digital Signal Controllers are generally used to implement the MPPT algorithms in PV systems. Commonly used or discussed MPPT algorithms are like Perturb and observe, Incremental conductance, Current Sweep, Short current pulse, Open circuit voltage, Constant voltage, Temperature method, Fuzzy Logic and Artificial neural network methods etc.

Having a team with vast experience in simulations and actual implementation of the various MPPT techniques/algorithms by digital control using microcontrollers / digital signal processors, Inteli Energi offers various solutions for MPPT power converters and commercial products for various applications like PV Solar off-grid energy storage systems/power conditioning units/Inverters/UPS, Solar charge controllers, Solar EV in figure, On-grid PV systems, Hybrid PV systems and Street-lighting systems etc.

Internet of Things (IOT), Connectivity and Mobile Apps

Internet of Thing (IOT) is an ecosystem of various embedded devices or systems that exchange data over wired to wireless network. These embedded devices include hardware devices, sensors, software and other technologies to communicate with other devices in network and transfer data to server located in cloud or locally. Data generated by IOT enabled systems used to take actions for any alert generation, predictive analysis and maintenance etc. Scope of IOT systems varies from monitoring & control of one small machine to monitoring, analytics, managing & control of huge solar power plant to manufacturing units to smart cities etc.

A mobile app is a medium between an IOT device enabled systems and a mobile phone. The mobile app works as the primary interface through which you can manage smart things locally or remotely as mobile phones have all connectivity option like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth etc. Mobile app supplement and enhance the use of the IOT systems to make it work more efficiently and smartly. Typical example of IOT architecture layers and components as shown in figure.

Inteli Energi offers smart, connected and IOT solutions to monitor and control the complete systems locally or through remote/cloud server or through mobile applications for various applications specially for energy/renewable energy managements, home appliances, consumer and industrial products. Our complete product offering simplify the development of the wired and wireless connected solutions to take these directly to production and launch of the products with or without customization and to speeding up your business vertical or revenue stream.

Our offering for wired or wireless monitoring & control solutions includes:

  • 8-32bits controller based IOT enable interface systems with various sensors options like voltage, current, power, temperature, humidity, moisture, gas, smoke sensors.
  • GSM/GPRS, BLE, Wi-Fi devices.
  • SPI, I2C, Ethernet (LAN), RS232, MODBUS RS-485 or CAN bus communication.
  • Supports multiple communication protocol such as MQTT, TCP IP, HTTP/HTTPS etc.
  • Supports FOTA update.
  • Local or central monitoring & control system through local or cloud server or mobile app.
  • Android and iOS Mobile Apps etc.